Backend Developer & Full Stack Engineer (1人)

职位编号: THR001002 招聘职位: Backend Developer & Full Stack Engineer
工作类型: 不限 年薪: 51-80万
要求性别: 不限 年龄要求: 23 - 33
学历要求: 本科及以上 工作地区: 北京
工作经验: 3年以上 户口要求:
发布日期: 2023-04-14 有效期限: 3个月



 Bring our core iOS App to cross platforms i.e. Web, Android and Windows system, based on scope and requirements, using cross platform SDKs.
Rapidly build prototypes/simulations from mockups that can be directly implemented.
 Create decoupled, interactive web/mobile UIs using JavaScript Frameworks such as React/Redux and new technologies like WebAssembly.
 Improve rendering performance and memory optimizations to create a performant UX.
 Perform cross-browser/device testing and optimisation.
 Support, maintenance and ongoing development for existing applications and projects.
 Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
 Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
 Shipping Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to various platforms utilising latest technologies.


 Experience building modern web applications using libraries and frameworks like: React/Redux.

 Familiar with one or more programming languages, including but not limited to: Swift, TypeScript/JavaScript or C/C++.
At least 6 years of related working experience, you've made mistakes and learned from it.
 Experience building cross platform SDKs for shipping one or more non-trivial apps on respective app stores.
 Can ship great quality product efficiently, you follow best practices (CI/CD, automated testing, version control).
 Strong fundamentals on Computer Science, you know how things work under the hood.
 Excellent problem solving, communication, and story-telling skills.
Experience building PWA with offline-capabilities.

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