CPU微架构设计工程师 (1人)

职位编号: THR000989 招聘职位: CPU微架构设计工程师
工作类型: 不限 年薪: 80-100万
要求性别: 不限 年龄要求: 28 - 38
学历要求: 本科及以上 工作地区: 北京
工作经验: 5年以上 户口要求:
发布日期: 2023-01-30 有效期限: 6个月



 We are seeking CPU microarchitecture engineers to develop the next generation of high performance RISC-V CPUs. Individuals in this team will be involved in all phases of product development, from proving-out initial high-level concepts down to modeling the bits of individual registers. We need engineers who can help us design and implement CPU microarchitecture. In this team, individuals will work with CPU performance modeling team and verification team to design the major blocks of the next generation custom RISC-V CPU. Use Hardware Description Language to design models of the Instruction Unit, Execution Unit, Storage Unit, Caches and coherence bus system. Employ synthesis, STA and power tools to achieve improve performance with reasonable overhead.


We are looking for individuals that have 3+ years’ experience or equivalent education in the following areas:

1.Good understanding of RISC and CPU architecture.
2.High performance logic design techniques.
3.Familiar with Verilog/VHDL, and behavior modeling.
4.Experience with simulation and design flow, such as lint, CDC, synthesis, STA, floorplan and etc.
Preferred Qualifications          
Additional skills in the following areas are a plus:
1.Industry experience in a specific high performance CPU design.
2.Experience with CPU function unit, such as instruction unit, execution unit and O3 related logic.
3.Experience with CPU memory system unit, such as Load/Storage unit, TLB, MMU.
4.Experience with coherence protocol implementation, such as ACE, CHI.
5.Knowledge of verification and good communication skill with verification team.

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